The Entrepreneur Nation™ presented by Lucy Jeffrey   CEOs' Summit Club: Larry Crossan, BCom, JD, MBA, Corporate -Commercial Lawyer and Software Developer, Bernie Olanski Partner, Lexcor Business Lawyers LLP, Corporate -Commercial Lawyer, Iain Sneddon – Partner Cohen Highley LLP, Terry Zavitz President, Zavitz Insurance and Wealth, Vik Patel Pharmacist and Pharmacy / Walk-in Clinics owner, Cavan Cottell – Managing Partner, Paul J. Pickering and Associates Ltd, Patricia Berendsen, Founder of Patricia Berendsen and Associates Trauma Healing Centre of London, Dr. Shreyank Patel – Doctor of Dental Surgery Future Dental Group, Peter Whatmore SIOR Vice President, and Chairman of CBRE Southwestern Ontario, Michelle Teichroeb Principal at Harrison Carter Group Inc., Vicknesh Ramachandran CEO and Co-Founder at Labourly™, Alex Hanham President and CEO at Medpoint Health Care, Patricia Berendsen Registered Psychotherapist, Patricia Berendsen Registered Psychotherapist,Crystal Volpe President C & V Income Tax Services, Peter Inch – President & General Manager Peter Inch & Associates Heating + Air Conditioning Inc. Nick Davies – Owner and Broker of Record, Homeology Real Estate Group, Jane Ramachandran CEO Resonant Solutions, Chief Operating Officer at Cohen Highley LLP, Justine Zavitz Vice President, Zavitz Insurance & Wealth, Andrea Davies – Broker/Owner Homeology Real Estate Group, Lucy Jeffrey President, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer, The Entrepreneur Nation™.   Entrepreneur of the Year 2021: Debbie Braun, Realtor, London ON    Entrepreneur of the Year 2022: Lucy Jeffrey, Host and Producer Entrepreneur TV, cable channel 13, London ON.


Broader and more supportive than the traditional chambers of
commerce, T.E.N. leverages the collective effort of its members to motivate and empower each other,
utilizing its collective member power to help build a strong referral program. Each city is composed of
several chapters throughout.


It’s like the Chamber of Commerce but covering a more broad scope currently supporting business growth in USA, Canada and Jamaica. It’s an organized membership based business referral program where members support and motivate each other to grow their businesses.


T.E.N. is composed of members. All members meet monthly with their designated chapter in a city, and for a monthly business mingle with all city-wide members. Only one member of each profession is allowed in a chapter. There are several types of memberships, depending on the ambition and needs of the entrepreneur.

Members / Ambassadors

$39 - $1000.

Vendors / Service Providers



$2000 and up

The Entrepreneur Nation 2020 Christmas Party

The Entrepreneur Nation 2020 Christmas Party showcasing relentless entrepreneurs who are not willing to give up on entrepreneurship. The 3rd Christmas Party was not the same but we had great fun together. Our members showed up all wearing masks and keeping 6 feet apart to keep each other safe. 2020 makes our 3rd year in business and great milestones have been achieved despite all odds. We are forever grateful to our members who held together and kept each other accountable.

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5 Business Mingle

This monthly event was created to help our members from all the Chapters to meet, mingle and network for our businesses. In most cases, we have our members attending from nearby Cities like Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Cambridge, Kitchener, Sarnia, St. Thomas, Strathroy and Windsor. We meet once a month to mingle and have dinner over a drink after work. We have great speakers and sponsors. We just mingle in a casual but business professional environment .

Lunch & Learn

An opportunity is given to 2 members to make a presentation for their businesses in these meetings.

Coffee & Networking

Once a month breakfast events. London, Ottawa, Chapleau Ontario, Summerside P.E.I Maryland, Texas Ambassadors are hosting very thriving events.

Fall & Spring Entrepreneur Retreat.

These 2 events are held bi-annually and bring all the Members / Ambassadors together. We have powerful International Guest Speakers attending to train our members.

Entrepreneur of the year award

we celebrate a great entrepreneur and role model for many. What did he do? Dani has been part of several networking groups since 11 years ago but now prioritizes our group. Over the years, he has come to believe in the power of referral. Dani believes that for others to support your business you need to do the same and lead by example. Several times, members have joined and the first to refer business to them without expecting a referral from them is Dani.

Superior work ethic

As a matter of fact, people out there believe that Dani owns The Entrepreneur Nation™ because of how much he is involved. Many will go to him when they have a concern instead of coming to me and Dani has never turned them away. He always offers a listening ear to our members. So what did he exactly do to gain this recognition 2 years in a row? Referrals to other members Superior work ethic and professionalism Sharp reliability. We can count on Dani to do what he said he will do and to attend all the meetings assigned to him. More than 10 meetings in a month as our Corporate Sponsor..... drum roll. Refers his friends to our membership Takes care of the clients referred to him by our members Thank you Dani, we look forward to a resounding 2021 for you within T.E.N.

Get ready for the 2021 award

After doing a test drive in London ON, several members have said they want to compete with Dani in 2021 for this award. We love positive and friendly competition which means we have agreed to roll out this program to all the chapters countrywide and globally including the Women's Club. Every month the chapter leaders and the franchise partners will report to the operations team the name or names of members who had the highest number of testimonials based on the following criteria: Referrals to other members Superior work ethic and professionalism Sharp reliability. Never misses the chapter meetings or appointment with our members. Refers his friends to our memberships to grow the chapter Takes care of the clients referred by our members Meets with members for one-on-one coffee meetings to learn about their businesses. Operations will tally and announce on a quarterly basis who is on the leaderboard. At the end of the year, we will come out with the winner.

Corporate Sponsors
Corporate Sponsors
Web development
Web development
Member Perks
Member Perks

Our Vision

What drives us is the common goal of supporting each other to succeed in business. Business referral is our secret sauce. We are each other’s, Marketing Managers. What’s unique about our process is that we offer our Members’ relevant support with a view to growing their businesses. We are a distinct and interesting group of Entrepreneurs who want to see each other succeed in business. That’s really what sets us apart from others in the same industry.

Apart from networking, we offer real services to our members through a network of service providers. Here are some of the services:

  • Graphic Design, Printing and Web Design
  • Business Referral & Advertising
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Email Marketing Packages
  • SEO: Google, Bing, and Yahoo Listing Packages
  • Website audit for SEO
  • Guest Speaker Invitation to Business Networking Events
  • Event Management and guests invitation to your events
  • Strategic Marketing Plan creation to grow your business
  • Bi-monthly Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Feature in the Entrepreneur TV

Lucy Jeffrey

Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer 16 Years in the Banking Sector, 4 years as High School Teacher. Host and Producer Entrepreneur TV, Publisher and Managing Editor, Entreprener Magazine, social media expert trainer.

Natalie Brezden

Lawyer and Regional Director - London Downtown

Gilles Paquette

Regional Director - Milton ON

Dale Greene

Regional Director - Calgary, Alberta

Vik patel

Pharmacist and owner of 6 pharmacies and Walk-in Clinics in London, Burlington, and Oshawa

Pat Mussiux

Regional Director - Edmonton

Shayna Beeksma

Lawyer and Regional Director - Hamilton ON

Yulia RoDionova

Real Estate Lawyer in London ON.

Meet The Nation

Every business has a beginning, and ours has one too. Lucy Jeffrey who is a Social Media Trainer. She saw a huge gap that needed to be filled right away. She saw huge retail stores close doors and move their businesses online to remain competitive. She wondered who was helping the small business owner to do the same. Her passion for helping small business owners, led to the creation of something new and different. We celebrate our members daily on social media. We ask our members to share with us what’s new and positive in their businesses so we can give them a shout out.The Nation is made of all the members. Because of the high numbers, we shall have featured members from Executive Level and up. We shall have this section updated regularly to give exposure to this category of members.









T.E.N Social Media Community

We have T.E.N groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, google and twitter. members are free to join any general groups, but we shall have restricted groups for paid up members only. Massive member training and coaching will be carried out in the member only private groups. Feel free to join this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/theentrepreneurnation/