Our members have spoken and I have listened. We must be able to distinguish the contribution of members who have been with us for one year and up.

To be inducted into the Alumni, you will have met the following requirements:

1. Finished one year as a member in good standing (membership dues paid, gave one month notice before leaving, no negative feedback from other members). 2. Those who finished one year but did not renew their membership are invited to join the Alumni. 3. There are 2 options for Alumni (monthly breakfast or quarterly breakfast) 4. Instead of the anniversary certificate we have been issuing, it will now be an Alumni certificate, windshield sticker, and a lapel pin. 5. Continuing members will not pay Alumni fee 7. Outgoing members will have a monthly quarterly Alumni fee depending on the options they pick

We really want to make this as exciting as ever for our members so they find value in staying with us because many have said they want a longer-term connection to the ‘Nation’.