The Entrepreneur Nation™ is seeking to expand our franchise partner network so as to help more businesses.
Give yourself a great gift. Give yourself the gift of helping businesses rebuild while making a monthly income for your family.
Have you ever thought of starting a business? Why not start one with my help? I created a viable business model that works. You do not have to re-invent the wheel or spend thousands of dollars.
What we offer to our franchise partners:
  1.  Exclusive franchise rights in your local city which we call ‘ territory’  or ‘region’ so you own the territory of The Entrepreneur Nation™.
  2.  Lead generation for the first 60 days to get you started.
  3.  Virtual Assistant services for the first 60 days to get you started.
  4. Training for the first 60 days.
  5. E-commerce ready website for your members to sign up – no paperwork
  6.  Payment platform that is automated to charge monthly membership – no paperwork.
  7. Ongoing mentorship.
  8.  If you own another business, we support you to grow that as well as part of your membership.
  9.  Social media shoutouts are based on performance and positive updates received from the region.
  10.  Featured space on the front page of our 101-page website and on the franchise website.
  11.  Linking your business website to our websites for you to attract more website traffic.
  12.  Advertisement in the Entrepreneur Magazine (you provide the content).
  13.  Featured guest on Entrepreneur TV.
  14.  Featured speaker at some of our major events.
  15.  Leader at your local chapter.
  16. Exclusive franchise website built for you.
  17.  Website maintenance on our global shared resources.
  18. Access to our well established global social media platform
Income Structure
Our franchise partners are self-employed and independent. Each has a dedicated region they are in charge of.  The best title to describe them that we use on a daily basis is Regional Director to depict the leadership they carry in the regional / territory they are responsible for. Regional Directors have their own websites through which membership in their regions is set up. They have access to a direct and secure payment system to collect the payment on a 100% basis. They are expected to retain 70%  and to remit 30% to the head office.
Why 70 / 30 % split?
Our founder was once part of a marketing company that paid her on a commission basis at 30% for all the clients she brought in and the company would retain 70%. Lucy thought that this was unfair that she did 100% of the work and only earned a meagre 30%. She decided to turn the tables and created a pay structure that rewards the person responsible for bringing the client at a higher percentage. She decided that the 70% that she did not earn is what she would want to see those working as her business partners earning. She made it happen by inviting the first franchise partner in 2019.
Sounds good to be true?
Our franchise partners say they have benefited a lot since they became our franchise partners. They have met lots of people who have continued to build their network. By doing this, they have seen a positive effect on their own businesses. Our franchise partners are more than happy to give you their testimonials.
Show interest by sending us a message now to lock in your territory. Multiple cities are available. Contact us here operations@tenation.co or call  +1-519-709-5139

Who can become a franchise partner?

Any member of The Entrepreneur Nation™ can opt to become a franchise partner. Everything starts with membership because we believe in walking the talk and practicing what we preach.  Franchise Partners must understand our membership concept, policies and procedures in order to promote it. Franchise Partners MUST maintain an active membership as a prerequisite and ongoing recognition of being a franchise partner. Thankfully, franchise partners earn 70% from their own memberships. If the membership expires and is not renewed within 30 days, this action can lead to the automatic termination of the franchise agreement.

Income disclosure and disclaimer

Building a successful franchise business takes hard work and time. It is not a pathway to quick riches. Most franchise partners already own another business and their plan is to have a secondary source of income.  A good example: If a franchise partner maintains a chapter with a minimum of 20 members each paying $97 a month, the income at 70% is $48,888 in 36 months.  Four chapters would translate to $195,552. A franchise partner who works full-time in this business can make a great income by doubling or tripling this quoted income. However, each case is different and each franchise partner moves at a different pace. T.E.N requires a minimum of 15 members in a chapter. The rest is achieved if the franchise partners are motivated to do more. Franchise partners may earn more over time if they are successful at building a network of chapters in their regions. London Ontario, Canada is a great example with 10 chapters within a population of 400,000. Ready to jump in? This information is not complete and we do not recommend that you make a decision based on this publicly published data. Every franchise partner is given a chance to attend our chapter meetings as a guest, to speak with other franchise partners to obtain their testimonials, to watch publicly published member testimonials on youtube etc  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5KbmBjtXYq-RfdXJz7XOQw. What else? After that, sit down with our founder Lucy Jeffrey to go over other details as well as review a detailed franchise agreement. Pay a deposit that enables building your franchise website etc. After that pay the final balance. The procedure is lengthy but simple ALL with a view to make sure that you understand everything before you sign the dotted line. The franchise fees charged are non-refundable. Franchise fees The franchise fees are different for different regions depending on multiple parameters which could be the population size, the purchasing power and the existence of a well-established chapter. In most cases, we are looking for motivated individuals who plan to start a business and they have a minimum of $10,000 – $40,000 depending on their region.
Do I need to build a team? Our business model is not meant for franchise partners to build teams but to support businesses in their local cities. There is no franchise partner who reports to another. Each one of them, reports to the corporate office directly. All franchise partners are equal and no one makes money off of another’s effort. In fact, if a franchise partner refers a member to another franchise partner, there is no income earned by the referring franchise partner. They do so purely to support businesses. Their motivation and focus are to see businesses succeed in their regions.  
Lucy Jeffrey
Founder and CEO
The Entrepreneur Nation™