Supporting Entrepreneurs Virtaully

Entrepreneur Virtual Marketplace

Entrepreneur Virtual Marketplace creates virtual shopping events meant to drive Christmas and holiday sale for local businesses. Let’s support local.
We are supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Every Saturday we have a virtual marketplace at 10am – 1pm. These 2020 virtual shopping centres will operate until Christmas.
Shop till you drop but make sure you are supporting another entrepreneur in your local city. Not the big box stores.
Join our market place group for further instructions.
After joining this group feel free to post about your products including mentioning the prices so others can make a decision quickly. You want others to make a decision quickly so make sure you are clear in your post. This group is free for all to post. No cost to join and post in the group.

The Summit Club

The Summit Club is a group of successful CEOs /Partners/Presidents/ VPs of small and medium-size Corporations who have been leading the direction for the growth of their businesses.


The Summit Club Members

Different services will be offered to the Summit Club members but will be customized to suit each business’s needs.


Membership Level  “The Corporate Sponsors” vs “The Platinum Club”

Our Corporate Sponsors are automatically part of the Summit Club. The CEO of The Entrepreneur Nation™ is also automatically a member. The Summit Club is not an exclusive membership.

Eligibility Criteria:

Startup to any experience  – no minium.
Products business
You sell tangible products that you can promote in the market place.
Different levels
  • To attend the market place to buy products you can obtain a free ticket.
  • To sell products in the marketplace, that’s free too.
  • To become a featured member, that will cost you $39 per event
  • To become a VIP member who is featured 4 times a month that will cost you $59 monthly
Share Your Journey
You are willing to share your journey (both the struggles and successes) with others to motivate them to grow and succeed as you have.
Attend our virtual Saturdays at 10 am – 1 pm EST
You have the time to meet once a month for virtual our virtual marketplace once a week on Saturdays to meet our members so you can speak to them about your products.
You are motivated and ready to take your business to the next level
Your business is on a growth path and has space for new clients. (businesses that do not need new clients may not be our best fit).
Grow the Business Further Through Referral
If you have a team, you can assign them some of our chapters to network with our members and grow the business further through referral.
  • Services

    • Different services will be offered to the vendors but will be customized to suit each business’s needs. Examples:
    • Optional, membership to our physical groups which meets each month in your local city.
    • Optional, contribute articles to the Entrepreneur Magazine featuring your successful journey.
    • Optional, feature on the Entrepreneur TV in partnership with Rogers TV. Have your business featured on Cable TV on a complimentary basis.

    $100 Joining Fee

    $59 Monthly


Select the best fit package for your business.


Join the Summit Club with Monthly Subscription.


Enjoy the Summit Club Membership with Customized Features.


What our Members Say About Us.

Mortgage Agent,  Mortgage Alliance / Corporate Sponsor / Franchise Partner

Eva Adamou

I sell the whitening Toothpaste that takes only 2 weeks to whiten your teeth.  Brightens and whitens teeth. AP 24® Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste lightens teeth without peroxide while preventing cavities and plaque formation. This gentle, vanilla mint formula freshens breath and provides a clean, just-brushed feeling that lasts all day.

Very fairly priced. Check it out on my website.

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CEO and Chief Visionary Officer The Entrepreneur Nation™

Lucy Jeffrey Founder

I started The Entrepreneur Nation™ in 2018 after evaluating the offerings of many networking groups. I came to the conclusion that for businesses to grow, an outside the box growth strategy was necessary. The strategy was to offer much more support than just networking. The growth we have witnessed clearly shows that entrepreneurs and small business owners need much more than networking. They need mentorship and role models, they need a one-stop-shop resource centre for what they need to grow their businesses. They need training to understand the emerging business growth trends. The Marketplace is meant to support entrepreneurs who sell tangible products.  I do not believe in leaving anyone behind. If you have a small marketing budget we can work with you.

195 Dufferin Avenue. Suite 602 London. ON N6a 1k7

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Shirley Hewlett

I have been a member of The Entrepreneur Nation™ in Ottawa for 2 years as a Chapter Chair. In that period, I have met many people and made several presentations to the members about my business. I became a Chapter Chai because of my interest in supporting small businesses to be successful the way I have been.

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 Pharmacy / Walk-in Clinic Co-Owner. Business Development Manager 8 locations

Rhea Singh

I have been a member of The Entrepreneur Nation™ for 5 months as a Corporate Sponsor. In that period, I have met many people and made several presentations to the members about my healthcare business. I became a Corporate Sponsor because of the exclusive nature of this membership as well as my interest in supporting small businesses to be successful the way I have been. We have many healthcare products we sell in our pharmacies.

971 Commissioners Rd E, London, ON N5Z 3H9

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