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Have you heard about ‘The Summit’?

The CEOs Club

The Entrepreneur Nation™ is introducing ‘The Summit Club’. Our business model involves the club model where we use strategies that bring like-minded entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses together in a specific group to support each other all under the umbrella of The Entrepreneur Nation™. We have members at all the levels but what we have been missing is ‘the summit’ which is a group of successful CEOs /Partners/Presidents/ VPs of small and medium-size Corporations who have been leading the direction for the growth of their businesses. We are welcoming the Summit Club members as an advisory board and role models for entrepreneurs. We want them to genuinely share with us the struggles and successes that they have had to endure to grow their businesses. The Summit Club members will meet at the London Club once a month for breakfast, they will be part of the Social Club and the After 5 Business Mingle.

Why you?

The Summit Club is a newly created business development group for CEOs of small and medium-size Corporations. The CEOs are forming a solid group of like-minded professionals who will act as boardroom accountability partners for each other.

With the new changes in the World and many of us finding that we have to adjust our businesses, we want to make sure that we have each other’s back. The CEOs have walked in the shoes and know where it pinches most. They want to share ideas and help each other to navigate and manage a successful business.

This is a paid membership under the Umbrella of The Entrepreneur Nation™. But we are inviting you as a guest. You do not have to join the membership before you attend one meeting and decide if this is a good fit for you.

Generally, we find that CEOs in our group are doing business with each other. So the membership is meant to generate more business for you from like-minded executives of companies.

Membership fee?

  • $1500 is one time non refundable joining fee.
  • $149 monthly membership.
  • One year renewable contract

Services included in the monthly membership

  1. CEOs’ Summit Club
  2. After 5 Business Mingle / Social Club
  3. Speaking opportunities
  4. 30 minutes Entrepreneur TV feature
  5. Podcast feature
  6. Magazine article
  7. Exclusive emails to CEOs
  8. Social media feature
  9. Sponsorship opportunities
  10. Members must provide relevant information to partake of the above services.

Contact Lucy Jeffrey if you wish to join the CEOs’ Summit Club. Lucy can be reached on LinkedIn.




The Summit Club

The Summit Club is a group of successful CEOs /Partners/Presidents/ VPs of small and medium-size Corporations who have been leading the direction for the growth of their businesses.


The Summit Club Members

Different services will be offered to the Summit Club members but will be customized to suit each business’s needs.


Membership Level  “The Corporate Sponsors” vs “The Platinum Club”

Our Corporate Sponsors are automatically part of the Summit Club. The CEO of The Entrepreneur Nation™ is also automatically a member. The Summit Club is not an exclusive membership.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum 10 years full-time as a business owner.
Incorporated business
You own an Incorporated business for a minimum of 5 years
Strategic Decisions
You call the shots and make the strategic decisions in your Corporation.
Share Your Journey
You are willing to share your journey (both the struggles and successes) with others to motivate them to grow and succeed as you have.
Attend our After 5 Business Mingle
You have the time to meet once a month for breakfast with other Summit Club members and to attend our After 5 Business Mingle once a month to meet our members so you can speak to them about your journey
Business is on a Growth Path
Your business is on a growth path and has space for new clients. (businesses which do not need new clients may not be our best fit).
Grow the Business Further Through Referral
If you have a team, you can assign them some of our 7 London chapters to network with our members and grow the business further through referral.
  • Services

    • Different services will be offered to the Summit Club members but will be customized to suit each business’s needs. Examples:
    • Optional, membership to our social club which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at our Entreprepreneur Lounge located at 195 Dufferin Avenue.
    • Optional, contribute articles to the Entrepreneur Magazine featuring your successful journey.
    • Optional, feature on the Entrepreneur TV in partnership with Rogers TV. Have your business featured on Cable TV on a complimentary basis.

    $1500 Joining Fee

    $149 Monthly


Select the best fit package for your business.


Join the Summit Club with Monthly Subscription.


Enjoy the Summit Club Membership with Customized Features.


What our Members Say About Us.

Gabe Valente CPA, CA.

Corporate Sponsor of The Entrepreneur Nation™

At Valente CPAs, we believe in the value of relationships. As your strategic business advisors, we strive to exceed expectations with a service model that goes beyond being your external accountants. With a host of accounting and tax skill sets, our team of dedicated professionals take a fulsome approach to providing advisory services. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we couple our technical expertise with our varied business experiences so that our advice is strategic, proactive, and reasoned. This is what makes us different from the rest.  I look forward to adding value to the Summit Club.

200 Villagewalk Blvd, Suite 200, London ON, N6G 0W8

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CEO and Chief Visionary Officer,
The Entrepreneur Nation™

Lucy Jeffrey Founder

I started The Entrepreneur Nation™ in 2018 after evaluating the offerings of many networking groups. I came to the conclusion that for businesses to grow, an outside-the-box growth strategy was necessary. The strategy was to offer much more support than just networking. The growth we have witnessed clearly shows that entrepreneurs and small business owners need much more than networking. They need mentorship and role models, they need a one-stop-shop resource centre for what they need to grow their businesses. They need the training to understand the emerging business growth trends. The Summit Club members will play a great role while growing their own businesses in the process.

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Larry Crossan, BCom, JD, MBA

Corporate-commercial lawyer and software developer

Larry Crossan is a strategist, lawyer, entrepreneur, educator, and software developer.

Larry’s practice is exclusively devoted to business transactions, with a particular emphasis on the purchase, sale, financing, and structuring of owner-operated businesses and tax-driven corporate reorganizations.
Larry is a registered trade-mark agent, had been an instructor in the business law section of the Bar Admissions Course for many years, and has spoken on and taught business law in various other continuing education settings. He is also involved in several non-profit and community organizations.

629 Wellington Street London, ON N6A 3R8

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Bernie Olanski

Senior Partner, Lexcor Business Lawyers LLP.
Co-founder & Partner of Lexcor Business Lawyers LLP – providing legal advice & services on a wide range of corporate and commercial legal issues and transactions.
Although the scope and calibre of work is Strictly Business®, Bernie and the lawyers at Lexcor have a refreshing, small-town attitude and a friendly approach to the practice of law.
629 Wellington Street, London, Ontario N6A 3R8

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Terry Zavitz

President, Zavitz Insurance and Wealth

Terry is the President of Zavitz Insurance and Wealth located at 439 Dundas St London, ON N6B 1W1.
Terry does not focus on investments meaning there is no conflict with any member of the Club.

Terry’s team of Advisors are already part of our chapters and her joining means a lot to us and completes the cycle.

439 Dundas St London, ON N6B 1W1

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Iain Sneddon – Partner Cohen Highley LLP

Managing Partner, Cohen Highley LLP.

Iain is the ehad of Cohen Highley and head of the family law department.  He is designated as a Certified Specialist in Family Law by the Law Society of Ontario.

With over two decades of experience as a practicing lawyer, Iain has extensive experience, including at the Ontario Court of Appeal.  While he has extensive and considerable success in court, many of his cases are resolved without resorting to court or extensive legal involvement.

One London Place
255 Queens Avenue, 11th Floor
London, ON N6A 5R8

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Ron LeClair –  Labour and Employment Lawyer

Principal at LeClair and Associates Professional Corporation.

Ron is the Principal Lawyer at LeClair and Associates, specializing exclusively in management-side Labour and Employment Law. Ron assists various private and public sector clients with the full range of workplace legal issues. He is a highly sought-after speaker and lecturer on many labour and employment law topics.

Whether it involves a unionized or non-unionized working environment, Ron works with employers to successfully manage the various workplace issues they are confronted with.  Ron’s approach is to support the employer’s strategic objectives by addressing legal issues – and maximizing available legal options – as part of the larger goal of achieving organizational vibrancy and success.

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Cavan Cottell – Managing Partner, Paul J. Pickering and Associates Ltd.


Paul J. Pickering and Associates Limited (formerly Paul J. Pickering Limited) was founded in 1990 with the idea and goal of helping individuals deal with personal debts through the process of financial rehabilitation.
For over 30 years, our company and staff have provided one-on-one service to thousands of clients in the London and surrounding area. We are proud that we conduct all facets of the insolvency process at our office with staff who truly enjoy their vacations.
111 Waterloo Street, Suite 501. London, ON. N6B 2M4

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Dr. Shreyank Patel  – Doctor of Dental Surgery

Future Dental Group

Dr. Patel graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto. After graduating, he moved to London, Ontario in 2016. In just a few years,Dr. Patel has built a strong reputation among patients and his peers. Dr. Patel performs all aspects of general dentistry with his special interests in Implants, Extractions,and root canal treatments. Dr. Patel is an avid reader and a soccer fan. In his free time, he is a doting dad to his two kids.


1700 Hyde Park Rd, London, ON N6H 5L7  / 769 Southdale Rd E, London, On N6E 3B9

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Robert Lewkowitz  – Faincial Advisor

Rob is the President & Owner, Lewkowitz Financial Inc and Partner, Equity Associates Inc. For over the course of 30+ years, Rob has developed unique ways to help clients clarify and meet their financial goals.

With the proliferation of opinions and information available today, it’s often a challenge to determine what’s right for you. With all possible sources of advice, it can also be difficult to know what will turn out to be in your best interest.

Rob’s focus is to help you define your deepest priorities as clear financial goals and to provide the tools and processes to help simplify the options available to you. With 30 years’ experience helping clients make financial decisions confidently, Rob works to provide a level of comfort and clarity with respect to your retirement, family wealth and personal legacy.


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Tracey White

CEO at McConville Omni Insurance Brokers

Tracey is a seasoned senior property and casualty insurance executive who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the personal and commercial insurance space. Tracey has been a key driver in business strategies that produce profitable growth across various insurers and brokerages and has been integral to fostering strong and important relationships with stakeholders.


Gilles Paquette – Franchise Partner 

Gilles sits at the Summit Club to represent The Entrepreneur Nation’s Franchise Partner Network which is expanding rapidly. Gilles is our Franchise Partner in Milton ON. Gilles is a former College Professor who now owns a corporation that helps business owners to grow their businesses using Digital Marketing strategies.


Cmongo Creative & Associates Ltd of which he is the founder and principal director is a one-stop shop for businesses. Gilles handles the consultancy, strategy and program management side of the business.

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Vacant Seat


Owner and Broker of Record 


Vicknesh Ramachandran

CEO and Co-Founder at Labourly™


knew that developing IT that makes a difference starts with listening to people – to fully understand what is wanted and what is needed. As the technical architect of Labourly™, I listened to the needs of business and their workforce. Then, I conducted a scan of the technology landscape. After recognizing a gap in available support for these HR challenges, my team and I spent two years developing a solution.



Patricia Berendsen 

Registered Psychotherapist


Founder of Patricia Berendsen and Associates Trauma Healing Centre of London: Trusted Psychotherapist, and Counselling Services for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and Addiction in St. Thomas, Strathroy-Caradoc, Woodstock, and London, Ontario.


Patricia joins us at a time when the World needs healing after the devastating effect of the pandemic and the lockdowns. Mental health issues have skyrocketed and there is a great focus on that. Patricia will be of great contribution.


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Michelle Teichroeb

Principal at Harrison Carter Group Inc.

Relocation Specialist, Residential  Leasing.

Our success comes not from filling vacancies in homes with just anyone and getting the commission cheque – our success is having a happy landlord and a happy tenant, who will both speak highly of us and refer others to us. It is about building long-term relationships with our homeowners and investors. Our sole goal is to find you the best tenant out there – to make the right “fit”. No compromise.


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Sid Kemp – Mortgage Broker – Mortgage Alliance


With over 30 years of experience, Sid is committed to providing his clients with fast service, competitive rates, and innovative mortgage solutions that are right for you. I am dedicated to offering in-depth product knowledge and service and most importantly will provide a tailored solution for your unique financing needs.

Specialties: I specialize in the purchase and Refinance of Residential, Rental Properties, Second Homes, and Cottage Financing.


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