Women’s Club


Welcome to Women’s Club

The Entrepreneur Women’s Club is a powerful department of The Entrepreneur Nation (T.E.N). We host empowering training and networking evenings once a month.
There is space for everyone. We look forward to attracting serious women entrepreneurs at all levels.
Our mandate is to grow the Women’s Club. We have excellent ideas to grow this department.
Women entrepreneurs are welcome to be part of the club. We have training lined up to help you grow your business.
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Women entrepreneurs are welcome to be part of the club.

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow to the top level in the business. We look forward to attract serious women entrepreneurs at all levels.

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What Women Say About US?

Lucy Jeffrey

I started The Entrepreneur Nation™ in 2018 after evaluating the offerings of many networking groups. I came to the conclusion that for businesses to grow, an outside box growth strategy was necessary. The strategy was to offer much more support than just networking. I created different business groups to ensure that we offer focused attention. The Women's club is one of them.

Natalie Brezden

I am a lawyer and since 2019, a member of T.E.N. I am also the Franchise Partner of the London Downtown Chapters. T.E.N members are an amazing group of business owners, licensed professionals, and entrepreneurs. We support one another through referrals and sharing knowledge to develop our businesses. T.E.N provides members with innovative ways of marketing their services and products.

Debbie Braun

I'm a Realtor and the co-chair of the Entrepreneur Women's Club. I joined T.E.N even though I had my own well-established referral group made up of 21 Women because I wanted to support more Women through the power of numbers as I do not believe in competition but collaboration. I'm excited to co-chair the Women's club and to take it to the next level.

Yulia RoDionova

Real Estate Lawyer

Rhonna Da Costa Gomez

Partner and Valente CPAs

Tracy Gustafson

Partner and Valente CPAs

Kerry Rizzo

Certified Financial Planner CFP

Terry Zavitz

President Zavitz Insurance and wealth

Sarah Kirshin-Neilans

Personal Injury Lawyer

Theresa Wilhelm

Family Lawyer

Sherry Hagemeier


Sylvia van der Hoek

Insurance Broker

Lidia Imbrogno. Corporate Lawyer

Corporate and commercial lawyer

Nicola Circelli

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Jennifer Butkus - Family Lawyer

Fabiana Estrela. Franchise Partner

Hilary Jenkins - Family Lawyer

Lauren Sigouin

Corporate and Commercial Lawyer

Michelle Crosby. Financial Advisor

Jennifer Mitchell - Personal Injury Lawyer

Jillian Berry - Wills and Estate Lawyer

Shayna Beeskma - Real Estate Lawyer

Barb Whitney - Realtor

Bukky Abaniwonda - Immigration Consultant

Erin Burns

Family Lawyer

Timea Janos - Associate Advisor - RBC

Jane Ramachandran - Grant Writer

Abeer Abosharia

Family Lawyer

Karen Try


Lisa Klassen

Mortgage Broker

Alice Van Deven


Patricia Berendsen

Registered Psychotherapist

Colleen Peffers

Corporate and commercial lawyer

Fran Murray

Corporate Gifting Specialist

Vanessa Hammond

Mortgage Broker

Jen Uytterlinde

Mortgage Agent

Elizabeth Richardson - Mortgage Specialist RBC

Corporate Gifting Specialist

Laurie Spangenberg - Financial Planner at RBC

Mortgage Broker

Pat Mussieux - Regional Director Edmonton

Mortgage Agent