Annual Awards

Debbie Braun – 2021 Award Winner

Jason Armstrong – 2022 contestant

Get your name here by referring members to your chapter in 2022.

Working together

The entrepreneur of the year award

2021 Award Winner - Debbie Braun - Realtor

About the award

We thank our members for going above and beyond their call of duty as a member. Many of our members join our network to refer business to each other. But others see a bigger picture and do much more. We can not ignore recognizing those who take their time to do much more to make our network what it is today.

Your contribution

1. Referred lots of business to other members. 2. Attended their chapter meetings without fail. 3. Attended the chapter meeting on time. 4. Referred their friends to T.E.N.

What you get:

1. $1000 in marketing dollar. 2. Maximum advertisement and promotion through our network. 3. Recognition at every meeting 4. TV and podcast interviews. 5. Featured model on the front cover of Entrepreneur Magazine. 6. Front cover page on all our social media pages, groups and websites. 7. 2021 Award Cetificate 8. 2021 Award name badge 9. Exclusive dinner for 2 at the London Club. 10.The more you see them, the more you want to do business with them.

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